law for drugs

Possession for personal use

The fine may be 90-one hundred fifty EUR for the first offence; 156-300 EUR for the second offence within one 12 months from the primary conviction; 8 days to 1 month imprisonment for any offence within one 12 months from the second conviction. Ministerial directives state that possession of hashish for private use ought to be given the bottom prosecution priority. Cannabis-related offences inflicting public disorder (i.e. possession in class, public amenities, prison) are punishable by three months to 1 yr in jail.

31, s.24. Use of cannabis – non-felony fantastic. Use of different medicine – attainable prison sentence. Law of 19 February 1973 (as amended by the Law of 27 April 2001), artwork. 7. Use of drugs per se not regulated by the legislation, with an exception of use of prepared opium which is explicitly prohibited and punished by imprisonment not exceeding 12 months and/or a nice up to EUR 1270 (on abstract conviction) or imprisonment not exceeding 14 years and/or a vast nice (conviction on indictment).

10 years imprisonment for the second offence dedicated within three years from the previous conviction. Penal Code, art. 283 (2b). Penalty range is not influenced by the dependancy issue. Penal Code, artwork. 283.

1977 Misuse of Drugs Act, s. 27.

Penalty range isn’t determined by addiction factor. Law for control over the narcotic substances and precursors of 3 Oct 1999, artwork 30, 108.

Possession of drugs for personal use is an administrative offence punished by a nice (EUR 650 – 2 600). Penalty doesn’t vary by quantity of medicine possessed. Drug Abuse Prevention Act, artwork. fifty four. The drug control regulation specifies that possession of high threat and particularly dangerous plants, substances and preparations (listed in Enclosure I) is punishable by a nice from 2000 to 5000 levs. Penal code specifies that possession of high-threat substances is punished by imprisonment of one to six years, while possession of danger substances is punishable by imprisonment of as much as 5 years.

Supply is punished by four-12 years of imprisonment (lists I to III), or 1-5 years imprisonment (record IV). Minimum and most penalties for trafficking are elevated by one-quarter in numerous defined aggravating circumstances, including involvement of minors, large profit, abuse of position, involvement in a world criminal group, and in designated places.