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Best portland strip clubs

Best portland strip clubs

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How to Hike in and Around Portland by Erik Henriksen Portland is a very sex-positive town, and our strippers are fierce, independent women who are very proud of what they do. And they do it well! Show some respect, and then lean back and have a great time at any of these upstanding Portland strip clubs. Union Jacks Club E Burnside If you miss the old-style strip clubs of Vegas, Union Jacks is the place for you: lots of plush red velvet and vinyl, and a small cover charge to keep out the overly drunk undesirables. Plus you might just see a rock star who wandered over from the nearby Doug Fir Lounge and Jupiter Hotel.


Plus you might just see a rock star who wandered over from the nearby Doug Fir Lounge and Jupiter Hotel.

Two stages and excellent private dances. us 7 days a week to enjoy a drink from one of our three full bars stirp a lap dance in one of our many VIP rooms! The bar is backed every night of the week with service industry folk and visitors looking for a cheap drink, and the audience is always fairly diverse and mixed, while the dancers are almost uniformly tattooed.

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An iconic strip club in a city full of them, Sassy's feels more like your busy, friendly neighborhood dive bar that just happens to have extremely talented nude dancers than it does a skeevy strip club. And as much as I love dining at the trendy and new hotspots, I really love the classics and dives. I am struggling to keep my eyes open. Everyone has their personal favorite spot.

Hot girls, lots of body mods and natural breasts. My last strip club meal was at Acropolisknown lovingly as A-Crop among the locals.

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Top that. One person even explained to me that there are two types of people at the strip clubs particularly during the day : those that are there for the strippers and those that are there for the hobbies aka the lotto and gambling video games. One of my favourite tour stops. Even more interesting, to me, anyway, is the fact xtrip strip clubs are required to serve food if they want to serve liquor.


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I left Sam and went to Union Jacksalone. The thing is, I pitched it. I got some humongous steak and potato and shrimp and a salad also like 10 bucks!

It came cubs sad but still crispy fries and a side of ranch thank goodness because we all know my feelings on ketchup. Fantastic girls. There's a steak under that Texas Toast.

Sporting La Monte Montyne murals depicting exotic women in a variety of locales, the bar has been topless since the '50s, and full nude since the '80s, when it famously hosted Courtney Love. I kept watching as more and more fried food was being served, waiting patiently, staring at the mirrored walls, for my dumplings to arrive.

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Great food. The Acropolis Steakhouse SE McLoughlin Another granddaddy on the Portland strip scene, the Acropolis prospers on the outskirts of town by luring in customers with cheap steaks, a salad bar! A covered smoking section and reasonable drinks. In return, we pledge our ongoing commitment to truthful, progressive journalism and serving our community.

I ate my way through portland's strip clubs

Just go, no regrets Regular customer Hawthorn Strip Classy place, great dancers!! I sat at the porttland empty bar it was late afternoon at this stage. Helens Road,casadiablo. At Portland's infamous vegan strip club, novelty is queen. I had always dreamed of eating a TV dinner as a kid and my mom never bought that kind of thing.

Best strip clubs in portland

Tweet Snap Welcome to Horkfest, where we explore frontiers old and new the bext way we know how: by stuffing our faces. Lucky Devil Lounge SE Powell Highly regarded for its steaks and bar food, Lucky Devil also boasts a luxurious interior and beautiful dancers who are particularly athletic, performing many of their routines with aid from overhead monkey bars.

Big and inviting, the space is a fancy breath of fresh air in the neighborhood. In addition to talented pole dancers, Kit Kat features visits from international contortionists and one dancer who solves a Rubik's Cube while hanging by her heels, slowly rotating upside down on the pole. Jameson Elliott Regular customer Kings Wild Cant even begin to describe how they did the most amazing job mixing strip club and sports bar.

Keep in mind, there's nowhere in Portland that is "unsafe" or inherently better than any other, so your specific tastes and needs will come into play. The macaroni and cheese was that really overcooked cheesy crap, and the nuggets were rubbery and delicious. I deleted the picture. I always stop here when staying at the Jupiter hotel.


I went at 2 PM, sober. Dancers were sitting nearby, also ordering food.

Oh wait Spyce has two floors packed with the sexiest entertainers from all around the World. And they do it well! We stayed for a while, finished our sandwich, and barreled out, full and with a lot fewer dollar bills. I asked them what to get, and they all recommended the chicken tenders and portlandd fish and chips.

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