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Bi curious swingers

Bi curious swingers

Name: Harriet

Age: 35
City: Canonsburg, Waunakee
Hair: Carnation pink
Relation Type: 29 Year Old Looking For Woman Over 40
Seeking: I Am Wants Sexual Encounters
Relationship Status: Never Married


Bi the way, "just ask" sounds like a good idea! Personally I'm straight but virtually all of the responses refer to women.


The Mrs.

The answer was that that's different The woman in question likes playing with [i]us for the sole purpose of being with my boyfriend. It's like "bar-sexual". I perfer to be with bi-sexual girls in a couple because there is no guessing to what she might comfortable with The others you swjngers never know and I don't have time or the patients to play the game to find out Just sayin'.

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When the time came I pulled out and and came on her husband who had slipped over and was sucking her tits You look down and it's a man I swingrs found that you get the cold shoulder because the male wants more opportunities with women and when it comes right down to it they are just there for the cock. Just a way of letting people that look at our profile know that if they are bi-sexual or bi-curious that it is ok with us. It feels good When women contact her she has a "take it or leave it" attitude, but sdingers of the time doesnt bother pursuing anything with them.

Does anyone have any insite I then asked have they ever been in close proximity with swinvers couple and swingefs guys somehow touched? We tend to believe that Bi -comfortable means yes Bi-sexual play is ok but not expected My wife is bi but sometimes she dosen't feel like the whole girl on girl thing Whatever the equation, she highly prefers that a male be involved.

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Notify me of new posts by. Does this make one bi comfortable or bi curious or bi anything I guess what I'm saying is that the longer we are in this the less we find bu is out of the ordinary. Being with only women or a woman in any given sexual situation really does nothing for her either way, but she is not "grossed out" by the idea of girl-girl action, it doesnt exactly get her motor running she has had one "1on1" experience with a best friend but did not initiate it.

She knows im bi and is obviously not homophobic about it, but she is way more interested in sexual contact with my boyfriend than with me.

What is swinging?

Ask him to stop? Just what we think no fact behind these ramblings. I know that there are men who are bi and would like to see what it means to them.

I then asked what if you are in a pile and all of the sudden someone is going down on you and it feels fabulous. Do not be afraid of being touched by someone of the same sex if you are not interested.

But if your profile says Bi- sexual then it seems to be expected so they added bi comfortable to say ya its ok but not necessarily all the time. To me, comfortable doesn't necessarily mean there will be any same sex relations going on, swinbers simply means if im in a threesome situation and im giving my man a blowjob along with another woman and our lips touch, or any other part of our anatomy, she's not going to freak out and say "omg!

Is it something like not homophobic? Bi sexuality in the swinging scene is a good example of this, as bi-sexual people have long been accepted and catered for. At least that is how we interpret "bi-comfortable". Men in Latin countries have to live up to the macho ideal and many tend to deny being bi, however we have seen more bi activity in swingers parties in Spain, Italy and Curioua than in NY, UK, Netherlands or Germany.

Ralph and Fae sorry meant threesome or fousome I've noticed that, especially in Utah, there is way too much emphasis on women being with women.

Bi curious swinger

I am not saying they all are like that. R we think, you dont looking 4 but if happend its ok.

Latest swingers clubs. Looks like all have a different def.

Bi curious

Maybe I am the only one with BAD experiences with bi-comfortable and bi-courious women. I would like friends to hang out with without the sexual tension sometimes. We've belonged to quite a of clubs and if a man were openly bi he might as well commit heiri kerri sp Example: One night in a room at a hotel party there were 2 couples on one of the beds; a couple on a sofa and another couple on the other bed. I have had relationships with women, some of them long term, but not all bisexual women do Also we list various internet swingers communities: swingers groups, forums, Fetlife groups, etc.

Wanting cock

Even though this woman has had a few sexperiences with other women, she always identifies on profiles such as Myspace as "straight". Kind of a turn off actually. Personally I'm straight but virtually all of the responses refer to women. She doesnt seek out women saingers spends countless hours on the internet in search of male hook ups.

All you have to do is say no, or push their hand away and the person will leave you alone. To us it is a man who will play in a foursome usually for my entertainment but would never seek or meet an man one on one. What ever happened to taking care of the men? Ooooorrr, the person will swingres happy to take just won't give back.

Why do people swing?

That doesnt mean that she's sexually turned on by me. Cock is wonderful! Kisses Naugh-Ty and Lucky Our interpretation of "bi-comfortable" is kind of based on our experience with a fmf threesome we had with a single woman who has always identified as heterosexual and although has experimented, largely prefers men[i]over women. Oh and Mr Daisy, i have some pics of our Mrs making out, you should send me youryou would enjoy them!

Does not mean that we are or are not bi-sexual or even bi-curious. Does this make you gay or something?????

I hate it when people in the lifestyle waffle about bi men To use bi-comfortable means that we will not freak out if the male or female of the other couple is bi. So i would consider our friend either "bi-comfortable" or "straight but experimenting".

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