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Free wife sharing stories

Free wife sharing stories
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Name: Elise

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A friend had told us about this unspoilt stretch of the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The landscape was dry, volcanic and rugged which contrasted beautifully with the aquamarine sea.


Her hands slid up the back of his legs and onto his ass. They both accepted and we all sat on towels. We decided on a cove that had no beach, just large rocks, because we thought it would attract fewer people and the snorkeling would be better.

Her pussy felt hot and sticky against my leg. The goosebumps and lack of gravity work wonders for me and I spent almost as much time watching her as I did the fish. She is very open and confident, which is one of the things I love about her. A friend had told us about this unspoilt stretch of the Mediterranean coast of Spain. We sat on the towel warming in the sun, talking excitedly about what we had seen.

She gently ran her fingers up her body, her nail brushing over her nipple. We snorkelled behind him as he lead us back to the spot where he stogies the mussel. She watched him for a second and then her head slowly tilted back.

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I felt sick with a mixture of lust, jealousy and anticipation. Our friend was taking his time getting out of the water wire I followed her to talk.

I then moved to the area around her pussy. I watched as her body was revealed. I smiled at her and we grabbed each other in a tight embrace.

My cock started to throb at the idea of him looking right up into her pussy and ass as she kicked her way out of the cave. I squirted more cream on each of her tits and around her pussy.

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Her delicate fingers wrapped around his cock. Suddenly he stood up.

It was an unbearably hot and storie event, and we were pretty much miserable there, particularly because the venue had no functioning AC and we were both still in our professional attire. She moaned gently.

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She let out a moan and put her hands on the back of his head and pulled him hard against her, grinding her pussy into his face. He then pushed her head down to his cock and she started to suck him again. She was curvy and delicious.

I felt a little self-conscious, even in front of my wife of 15 years. He looked at me. She ran her tongue down his tanned chest and stomach as she went. Every know and then I would swim up to her and rub my hand over her ass or cup a slippery, sun-creamed breast.

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Finally we ducked out early, and were both pretty cranky in general and with each other not intentionally. Her faced reddened. I wanted to smile but I could only stare back. It was small, so we were close together. His ring finger went into her easily.

Emma lent back on her arms, showing off her white tits. Finally he softened and slid out of her, followed by more come. She threw her head back and clawed at his chest.

I could not help but have a little stroke of her pink pussy lips. I swallowed and fought my growing hard-on.

Paco came back, smiled and sat down. She pulled him into her mouth and started to suck hard.

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He moved up next to her face and they began to tongue each other like passionate young lovers. Emma nodded before I had a chance to speak. She sank slowly down with a sigh. The landscape was dry, volcanic and rugged which contrasted beautifully with the aquamarine sea. I Knew I was in Trouble When A trickle of come slid down his balls and dripped onto the towel.

She lay on her back and opened her legs.

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She giggled. He looked like he was about to come when she suddenly stopped. All I could hear was the wet sounds of her shharing and his fingering…nothing else in the world existed at that moment. All you could see was his snorkel and the top of his head. Her eyes were closed.

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