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Fucked my daughters friend

Fucked my daughters friend

Name: Harmonie

Age: 37
City: Ystrad Mynach
Hair: Not important
Relation Type: Adult Hook Want Woman For Fun
Seeking: Look For Hookers
Relationship Status: Dowager


She literally hid a diamond in her ass! She explaines to him that she likes to keep it in her ass frkend decoration. He asks to take a closer look and sticks his face in her ass. She hikes up her skirt so he can lick, suck and kiss her asshole, ass crack and tight butt cheeks while complimenting her on that beautiful ass. Her pussy looks great too with that sweet little bush!


He asks to take a closer look and sticks his face in her fycked. He pushed her hand away from her vagina and replaced with his fingers, pressing on her mound. The teen slut is still breathing hard from her first orgasm when she reaches under his jeans and grabs his throbbing member.

It excited her to hear him say dirty thing to her about her body and what a slut she was but she also enjoyed him encouraging her, saying what good dakghters she was and how horny she was making him. After several strokes, she relaxed.

He looked at her expectanly, she knew he wanted to hear more of this. Daddy's gonna daughhters you back there next time you come over.

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Jones couldn't remember ever enjoying pussy more but he was ready to introduce her to the next lesson on being a slutty mg lady. His wife and stepdaughter had taken a weekend trip to their place in the mountains and he was pleased and firend to open his door Friday night to find Katie, his stepdaughter's best friend standing there with the expectation of spending the whole weekend at their place as she often did.

She thanked him for sticking his finger 'up there' and he grinned, knowing where this discovery would lead him. She grinned a sly grin and agreed, their little roleplay bringing her closer to cumming. He could tell she was starting to cum so he stepped up his verbal game.

Finally, when she found herself on her knees in front of him, her head buzzing from the wine, she smiled at him prettily and licked the tip of his thick stick. His fingers felt thick and rough over her wet and tender flesh. His other hand squeezing her medium sized tit while she temporarily used her hand to please his erection. She was so wet that her legs being closed heightened both their sensations.

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Watching the women get dicks forced in their face turned Katie on and she was determined to learn how to please a man in that way. She nodded her head with his cock halfway in her mouth, her sparkly brown eyes making his cock jerk slightly. She was a very good student and Mr. She closed her eyes in ecstacy, this was much more than what she had expected to happen and she was very pleased.

She moans in pleasure as his tongue caress her clit and her anus.

He cums like a volcano, spewing squirt after squirt of hot, white, sticky cum into her mouth. She squealed as the largest part broke through her sphincter and rested nicely on the other side. He had already discovered that morning that she enjoyed ass play. Her panties were fuckfd wet, making her fingers damp too. She did a great job considering her inexperience but Mr.


She nodded, unable to talk and he held her down harder, slamming his cock in and out harder each time. Oh, I would love to play with that booty! He made her cum harder, longer, and more often than anything ever had before and the more they explore each other and their situation, she found the more she wanted to do to please him because it turned her on. By the time Saturday afternoon arrived, Katie knew her part in this erotic session very well.

Her tiny but firm bubble butt rubbed up against his lower stomach turning him on and making him fuck her harder.

Within three hours, he had the young thing shirtless and on her knees, learning how to deepthroat his manly cock. Katie started to push him away and tried to get up but he grabbed upper arm with his free hand and put more of his weight on her to keep her in place. After she leaves, they get inside his car so the dirty teen can straddle herself on top of his cock and ride it in the backseat, showing off how she can twerk her sexy ass.


His hands found a firm grip in her hair and she squealed again as he grabbed a handful to help with his slamming. He flipped her over onto her stomach and rammed his cock deep into her pussy. This is a print version of story Stepdad fucks daughter's friend by sweetsimone from xHamster. She remained frozen, unsure of how she felt about this new, larger intrusion while Daddy fucked his cock smoothly and sweetly in and out of her pussy.

She had hoped and planned to give him a blowjob that Friday night but was pleased to get much more than that and all weekend-long nonetheless. He was sure not to let their alone time go to waste and invited her inside where he offered her a bit of wine and some fatherly conversation.

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