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Hocd feels real

Hocd feels real

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He was smiling and talking and all that. It felt like real attraction, like I wanted to see that kid more, date him, kiss him, etc. But the OCD keeps telling me I want to.


I am wanting adult dating

Is this even turning me on? Paradoxically, the healthiest thing we can do in these situations is… nothing. Why do my HOCD thoughts feel real? Improving your ability to tolerate intrusive thoughts is an excellent way to reduce HOCD symptoms. I've never had anything against gay or bi people nor does my mom or sister so it's not a family issue either i just don't get it I've liked girls since i was 4 and now I am getting these thoughts at 18 ugh why is this happening to me all i ever wanted was to have a girlfriend and now that this has happened i don't think i'll ever get one I am just entering high school this is supposed to be the best year of my life but now it is the worst i feel as if the past 18 years of my life have been a lie maybe i should just accept that I am gay or bi and just come out the closet i know my mom would be surprised.

This is a useful perspective for someone with HOCD to have as they cope with thoughts and beliefs around their sexual orientation. Log in or register to post 4 January - This a large for such an infrequently discussed phenomenon!

The more you are able to practice tolerating the thoughts without ascribing meaning to them, the sooner HOCD will subside. Over time, however, with continued effort, it will feel easier and more natural.

Hocd thoughts feel real, does that mean they are true?

Sometimes it is hard to catch all the thoughts that stream rdal your mind, and some thoughts stick out. HOCD related thoughts are just thoughts. His grandparents had this one friend who came to dinner with us, and nothing weird happened at first but I started to think at dinner, could I be attracted to this older woman and have a crush on her?

The fearful intensity of that focus makes it impossible to distinguish between real desire and fear of real desire.

Why does this hocd feel so real?

These thoughts are starting to become so real, and thought they would go away once I saw my boyfriend last rezl in Florida. Now im just scared that all my thoughts have been replaced and it really hurts i cry all the time just thinking about how much i used to love men. What if these thoughts never go away?

Their job is to create some doubt! I even took a ruler to make sure.

People who have not yet come to terms with a given sexual orientation do not feel any feeels urgency. Everyone, including me, gets random thoughts every day, all days.

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The false attraction felt very real. From the mindfulness perspective, no thoughts are realregardless of how they feel. Do Medications Help?

ERP therapy helps you develop both of these skills. Once you gain control, the emotion starts to fade.

They are all temporary experiences without any inherent substance or profound meaning. The answer involves fear, repetition, and the power of mental habits.

Being me with ocd

It felt like real attraction, like I wanted to see that kid more, date him, kiss him, etc. Does Traditional Therapy Help?

Checking if I have any similarities as bi or lesbian people. Mindfulness derives from ancient traditions of meditation. Others mistakenly interpret it as an early part of the coming out process. Can HOCD change nocd sexuality? This type of therapy aims to — as the name suggests — produce insight.

I was happy the way i was now i can barley look at TV because of all these groinal responses it's like every time i try to think of a girl a man pops into my head i tried to masturbate to the gay thoughts and it didn't feel right it just felt weird but yet i continued to do it just to see if i could ejaculate and i did which made me think that this is what i want. This is something I hear a lot; if my HOCD thoughts feel real, does that mean that they are true, that they mean something?

I couldn't stop thinking about that attraction feeling all day. I get scared, start ruminating and thinking about it non-stop.

If you have questions this did not address, please mention them and we will try to address them as the is updated over the years. However, the more you work it into your diet, the more you can tolerate it.

Re: can hocd "feelings" actually feel real

They did when I was with him, but I had insane urges to check online feels and take quizzes as usual. However, for people with obsessive thoughts, the origin of the problem is 1 usually impossible to find and 2 not helpful even if you do find it. We know that the more jocd try not to think about something specific, the more it tends to crop up in our minds. We all have the ability to tolerate uncertainty.

Hocd: how to identify and manage it

I was always sexually attracted to men and turned on by them, I hocdd envied women for their looks and social status but it was never anything sexual. Its hard to explain but hcod reaally freaking out i cry all the time because nothing feels real and sometimes i look back and just think that all my other obessions were just a cover up for being gay. I include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help with HOCD and this, along with other techniques, helps to take the emotion and fear away from the thoughts.

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