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Our first key party

Our first key party

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Age: 49
City: Pittsylvania County, Hebron
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Before we start, some trivia for you. Lots of them, in fact one every weeks or so.


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I looked over and saw Dolores, the elementary school teacher who lived at the end of the block, demanding that our sheepish ant Alvin use her breasts as a boat for a banana split, before smashing his face between her whipped cream-filled cleavage and ululating a high-pitched yodel of sexual fiirst. Many people left following the raffle, but a couple stayed behind, perched on the big, U-shaped couch, actually trying to get to know each other.

And what you put in determines what you get out of the evening. Before we start, some trivia for you. The marriage was over.

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Fifst with others, we ran into big complications, surprises and even total rejections. Our next Lock and Key Party. I tried to strike up a conversation, but the "friends-who-really-weren't-friends" spent more time getting to know each other. By around p. While Valentine's is the biggest general night for singles events, our annual Spring party is by far the largest and probably the most fun individual event.

partyy They drew from the bowl and called out the winners. Some prizes are deed to be shared. The house needed a lot of work, but I had enough in savings—God knows that Geremy wasn't using it for college tuition—and carved out some time on the weekends to head down to Lowes in the pickup, grab some sheetrock, and spruce up the living room.

They like them. And perky! His wife, Cheri, had spread her legs like a burlesque performer and was speaking in tongues about the Greek god Priapus, which several people mistook as the word "Prius" and went to check on her car.

A wine-fueled key party didn't save my marriage

Everyone I knew said they absolutely knew it was going on, but no one seemed to ever actually admit to being at one of these parties themselves. Have a couple. Be yourself: Organizers say that guests have the best time and connect with the most people when they arrive with a relaxed demeanor, open mind and a smile on their face. We provide writers with five random food-related Flickr images and ask them to construct a fictional short story in under five days.

Paula Eisen, founder of Express Dater, warns: "A lot of people will be coming from work on an empty stomach and so they should keep in mind how that first drink will hit them. Just as we started talking, her friend Mona approached me and, without so much as an introduction, asked for my key.

Wednesday may 20,

Now you're going to call me a pervert, a pig. Our bachelor was booked for a dinner immediately. And be generous with prizes. The bits of paper were to be used in a raffle at the end of the night.

Greedily snatching away that box of rather expensive chocolates and disappearing into the corner to quickly munch your way through them is not conducive to a mutual attraction. So much for chivalry. We hung out for about the next half-hour, talking about the city and our respective Big Ten schools.

But many also have public, single payment events prty non-members to check out the group. I lolled my head, heavy with a hangover, to one side.

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I hadn't wanted to invite him, but Toby had recently been laid off from his job paty the sock factory, so I felt bad for him. But I'd never really given good wine the time of day until that trip to Napa back in '96, when everyone in the neighborhood became a Merlot connoisseur overnight. Photo via Flickr user keithusc Moments later, everything went dark.

Fair enough. Arriving by myself made approaching women a little daunting, though appropriate.

Use these phone calls to find out how long the group has been around, how frequently it has events, what kind of demographics it attracts, how well organized it is and what fee structure it offers. Once I convinced her that I wasn't planning iur buying here in the city, I tried her lock. Get into group action At our larger events, many people come with a couple of friends.

I had no idea this was still going on, but apparently it was alive and well and happening all over Westport! Of course there would be molten chocolate cake. Book now for our next event and we'll see you there. Amazingly, the ifrst worked and Mona dragged me back to the organizer's booth, where I learned about the "extra" oir for the night's meeting and matching.

But, clearly, Debra's Pilates classes were paying off in the ass department.

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People were going for seconds, and then thirds, on the wine. When I woke up the following morning—the sun searing my eyes through the wide-open bay window facing the street—Debra was standing over me.

I would have a wine party, and Fausto would not be invited. When I arrived at p. Girls easily outed the guys, 2-to On top of that, his wife Tawny had a killer rack.

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