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Rubmap seattle

Rubmap seattle

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You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Seatle spammed us a lot trying to build traction.


The bust was part of a monthslong investigation into massage parlors in and around Palm Beach County, Florida.

Wisconsin business owner Dongmei Greer, 55, faces a state sex trafficking charge after police got a tip that prostitution was taking place at her business—yet the only "victim" was an adult woman who was also arrested for prostitution. Lauren Truscott had things well in hand. Yet the raid was part of a much larger wave of operations against similar businesses in the area. Within a few years, Rubmaps—then saettle of the lesser-known sites Feinstein mentioned—would become a key target in this dubious rubmwp, aided by America's long history of discriminatory opposition to massage businesses operated and staffed primarily by Asian immigrants.

But in addition to rent, the women are required to repay the costs of bringing them to the U.

Homeland Security's "Blue Campaign" continues to blast out "see something, say something" propaganda in airports, at hotels, and online. So far they have hit us twice, they will do it again. Polaris has also aggressively perpetuated the idea that the Super Bowl turns rubmpa cities into temporary hotbeds of sex trafficking, a popular myth with no basis in evidence.

Instead, the employers allegedly used these victims' precarious status as immigrants and sex workers to subject them to coercive arrangements, unsafe working conditions, or unfair financial terms.

Scout and dash

Still, one of the workers was deported to China and more than half of the businesses were shut down. Song may not have been pushed out of the window—but if she leaped, it's because she preferred to chance death than find herself back in NYPD custody.

But that hasn't stopped Polaris from pushing a range of new state and federal regulations based on its manufactured crisis, nor has it stopped the media from running sensationalistic stories pegged to Polaris reports. But investigating the owners and operators of the Chinese-run massage parlors required different tactics, due to language and cultural barriers. In a welcome shift from their typical focus, U.

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The one male employee who was involved pleaded guilty to unlawful transport a misdemeanor rkbmap, while seven women pleaded no contest or guilty to misdemeanor prostitution charges and sometimes no contest to other prostitution-related charges. Media reports of such activity almost always adopt sensationalistic terms, with headlines that nod to "human trafficking rings" even while listing nothing but prostitution or operating without a among charged offenses.

Meanwhile, at the local level, city administrators and politicians are using a few high-profile cases of genuinely horrifying behavior as an excuse to ramp up burdensome restrictions on massage businesses and workers. Some cities are implementing stricter background checks for massage business owners; limiting the of occupational s or business permits available for massage; imposing stringent health regulations merely to enable more inspections; allowing inspections of any massage business at pretty much any time for pretty much any reason; and starting "active urbmap of massage parlors and their employees by police.

In an era of increased public suspicion of mass incarceration and tough-on-crime politics, Gruber et al. But it ultimately yielded no human trafficking charges, and the "rescued" women faced more severe criminal penalties than did their clients.

Local police and prosecutors initially heralded it as part of a "human trafficking investigation" that would rescue victims and send a message to the men who patronized them. Federal law enforcement officials are being enlisted, in other words, to round up women for giving unapproved hand jobs seattoe offering ordinary back and foot massages without the right paperwork.

Keeping doors locked and requiring people to buzz in, for instance, can be a way of protecting against potentially dangerous customers in businesses staffed solely by women. No prostitution charges have been filed. But as of Decemberthere is no evidence that such charges were filed or that any victims were discovered. The Beacon Hill storefront at ruvmap Ave.

Major prostitution bust: seattle police raid 11 massage parlors, freeing 26 women

In the end, police shut down some immigrant-owned businesses, put a dozen or more women out of work, prohibited some d masseuses who were also sex workers from doing legal massage work in the future, and that's about it. Sex workers taken to safety, translators, help As teams were fanning out to arrest the five suspects in Seattle, Lynnwood and Kent on Feb. Others were seattlr on allegations of deriving support from the proceeds of prostitution, procuring for prostitution, unlawful transport for prostitution, or keeping a house of ill fame.

Media-Driven Drama Law enforcement operations directed at massage parlors in the name of fighting trafficking have increasingly taken the form of immigration stings that target Asian women. Most of these cases, however, lack any known victims or any allegations that sex acts were coerced or forced.

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Inside, someone had created three makeshift massage rooms out of uneven rubmal painted a dingy brown. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. The four cities also have problems with illlicit massage parlors, he said. Despite numerous red flags, public accusations, and even a conviction in Florida, federal prosecutors refused to get involved.

Massage parlor workers and managers faced much worse, including jail time, seized assets, and sometimes multiple felony charges, despite an utter lack of evidence of any nonconsensual activity. The bill's eponymous sponsor, Rep.

For years, Polaris was an enthusiastic disseminator of the wild claim thatU. Polaris did not respond to requests for comment for this story. Fourteen people did face some form of charge for sex trafficking or human trafficking, with nine coming from a single investigation in Massachusetts.

Massage parlor panic

In Aprilprosecutors got a temporary restraining order to shut down TY Green's Massage Therapy in Huntsville, Alabama; to freeze the assets of owner Yuping Tang, her daughter Jiao Liu, and three other businesses run by the family; and to seize their workplaces and homes. In AprilColumbus, Ohio, City Attorney Zach Klein obtained "emergency" court orders seattpe "vacate seattpe shutter" two massage parlors following stings carried out by county authorities.

In another ongoing case, a year-old Chinese immigrant named Sufeng Jiang and her boyfriend, Randy Carl Wittner, are accused of mistreating an employee who had just started working for them when cops raided the place and accused the employee of prostitution. Dianne Feinstein D—Calif.

For years I've been following the uptick in federally backed efforts to target "illicit massage parlors. A fourth woman, believed to have returned to China inwas also charged but remains at large. As part of "Operation Human Touch," agents with Homeland Security Investigations HSI had shown up at her home-based massage business posing as customers and subsequently alleged that Shu offered them sex acts for a fee.

Opponents argue these sites facilitate the sexual exploitation of girls and women.


Organizations seaftle Polaris are training bystanders, hotel maids, and flight attendants on how to spot "s" of human trafficking, an exercise that seems largely to lead to racial profiling and the harassment of sex workers. From the beginning, the focus of the investigation was on targeting the people responsible for exploiting and profiting from the Chinese women being brought into the country to staff the parlors, and not on the men who patronize them, Nollette and Umporowicz said.

Rather than improve the lives of supposed victims, it has created a class of easily exploitable people—and then terrorized them for just trying to survive. The FBI flew in nearly 30 female linguists from out of state rubmmap eliminate the possibility the women being interviewed would recognize or later bump into their interpreter. It's the criminalized nature of prostitution sesttle vulnerable position of people with a precarious immigration status that allow exploitation and abuse, not nefarious underground trafficking rings.

The city of Santa Clara, California, took another approach that's been gaining traction: prohibiting new massage parlors within a certain vicinity of hotels, schools, existing massage parlors, and certain other locations, much as is done with strip clubs and adult stores.

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