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Sybian story

Sybian story

Name: Ainsley

Age: 48
City: Hope, Canandaigua, Townsville City, Glen Head
Hair: Copper
Relation Type: Horney Ladies Ready People Having Sex
Seeking: I Want Man
Relationship Status: Newlyweds


Ok I feel like I have to share this story with someone. My name is Sue, well Susan at work. Then one day something happened and my carefully managed world was shaken up.


The hand in my hair gently hand traces down my face and down my chest.

Time to ride. My juice started to drip down the machine and I just closed my eyes and let go So soon I was back in the thralls of orgasms, screaming and cumming and now squirting pussy juice.

So after some back and forth discussion I agreed to come over for a demo ride. They asked if I wanted to get off and I said NO!

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Sue slowly increased the vibration and rotation and it was not long until I had my first orgasm. I have a H But this was going to be new Please expect a representative to call on you at stoty pm this evening.

I had all morning after all and remember thinking at the time I need to get this out of my system. I guess a few minutes later I come back around, lying on the floor.

Then one day something happened and my carefully managed world was shaken up. At that point I just gave up.

So I set it at a pace to draw things out and attach my Velcro cuffs with the clip on them. It was Tuesday. So there I was, blindfold on, tied to a Sybian, having a series of orgasms as I try to wiggle off while being check out by a couple nineteen year old girls.

My first sybian experience

So there I was, tied down with a machine slowly grinding away in me, feeling this amazing orgasm creeping along. It was a pretty impressive piece of gear, kind of heavy but looked like it would be comfortable. I've always wished that I could sit on a Sybian machine. I could not move much so he held my head and moved me and him back and forth, varying the speed but never choking me until he came and filled my mouth. The clamps came off and both my swollen nipples were being lightly kissed, tongues flicking gently.

Tom got in front of me and presented syblan cock for me to suck.

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I remember hearing a whisper when the machine picked up the pace. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The room looks pretty normal at first glance but there are hook in the ceiling and the sybian was sitting on the floor. By: Sweetdreemz Category: Toys Score: 4. So after some touchy feely and both me and Sue sucking Tom a bit, he is nicely endowed, we went to their bedroom.

I am so grateful. After the next party, she and Dan would h Oh what the, I was thinking, no way, no fricken way! I have a business meeting tomorrow, so we hav It was the quickest I had ever cum and was pretty intense for a first one. I used to go home at the end of the day, work out then pick up more work or do some reading.

Sybian tryout – with a twist

Rather vanilla sex life I guess. Total 0 votes.

What was even more terrifying was to hear two voices! Now I know I practiced unhooking these things the night before and it seemed pretty simple. First thing I pulled out was a black latex corset stor pushed my breasts up leaving the nipples exposed. Not only did I get a new bra, but had an absolutely amazing orgasm after being fitted by the two girls working that day.

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