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Waiting on god for a husband

Waiting on god for a husband

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Many of you may have already visited my website, theythatwaitonit. Yes, the road to get here was trying and it tested my faith on countless occasions. Was my faith level a perfect 10 the whole way through? Not at all.


The decency of having a conversation when you no longer wish to continue a romantic relationship has turned into ghosting. There never seemed to be a clear, direct path to ln I wanted. As I began to grow as a young woman my reasons for being in a relationship and being married became skewed and were tailored to fit my emotional needs. Learn social skills.

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Yes, the road to get here was trying and it tested my faith on countless occasions. There is more to life than a partner! She never looked around or tested the waters. A lot of people say they are Christians, but can they back it up?

Waiting on god for a husband: being patient with your broken heart

Talk to God about them and ask for Him to help you not to overlook something major. Do not say, "I want a man to love me for who I am. What if God never gives you a spouse? Huaband I ask that You make me that kind of woman.

Waiting for god’s best

Why would he give us the one thing or person that might keep us from clinging to him? Are you attractive to the opposite sex? Sometimes, pain is a resource for God so that we can simply grow stronger in Him, especially for those He loves.

So why her, of all people? Seek help if you struggle with anger, low self-esteem, lack of direction and focus in life, etc.

A breakthrough prayer for waiting for god's timing

It is better to embrace it than try to fight it and be angry about it because once we do, our perspective changes. No matter who you are, I promise your relationship with God could use some work.

I joked with him that he had a deadline to turn it in to me, but then I kind of forgot about it. I get it.

8 things to do while waiting on your god given spouse

The same goes for finding your soulmate. Is what they are preaching really Biblical?

As a woman, be attractive to the opposite sex, physically, spiritually, psychologically, and academically. Tweet 2K Shares Most Christian singles talk about how they are waiting on God to give them their future spouse pretty often. She was hurt, but she knew she had settled.

Put me to the test! I let people set me up on blind dates and not so blind dates, and still nothing seemed to work. I prayed to God many times after my last relationship a couple of years ago to help me to put Him first because I knew a spouse would never make me happy without Him being the center of my life. If He did it for me He will do it for you! When you feel disheartened in dating… pray. Yes, He knows your desire for marriage.

A single girl’s prayer

When he becomes our First Love, we will be satisfied with only that love. It's not what we naturally want to do, but it is what we were called to do.

Professionally, He made my path clear fairly early on in college. Boy loves girl, boy pursues girl, boy marries girl, and boy and girl live happily ever after. I mean really does the alternative to waiting on God, and doing what He wants, sound better?

But, honestly, there are no magic verses or biblical formulas or even promises that God will give every woman a husband. Try it! You WILL see blessings poured out in your life.

Praying for guidance

My sister had dated one guy in college and that was the end of it. No good thing will he withhold from those that walk uprightly. And it's not always easy.

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