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Why did stereopony disband

Why did stereopony disband

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Destonus Global Moderator That is a good point, that they haven't talked to each other on Twitter since the breakup. Jona makes a good point also that Twitter isn't the only way to communicate, so they do probably text or call each other to see how they're doing. I really doubt that they've completely severed all ties with each other JUST because they're not making music together anymore. RS may be right in thinking that when Shiho and Nohana went to see Evan and Aimi couldn't because of her throat, not strreopony when Aimi would have surgery or how long after it would take her to recover so the two of them agreed to do something with him because Aimi was the wild card here.


As for the rest of the band, drummer Shiho and bassist Nohana, chose to use this time off to go abroad to study music. The band gained their first opportunity on the Japanese rock radio program School of Lock!.

So I expect any new dtereopony do not make it for me. When YUI came on stage, people rushed toward her like crazy. The band was already on a one-month "recharging" break due to vocalist Aimi's throat polyp surgery.

Along with the tour goods, there were 50 ed Score Band books in each venue for purchase. VGD will have plenty of coverage soon, so head over there and check it out!

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A compilation album titled Best of Stereopony was released on November 21, Stereopony had already come out for their encore, so they didn't come out again. We can only speculate. During the live, the members will stereoopny a detailed explanation of their dissolution. AIMI will also continue to be involved in music in some way. Aimi had a really great voice, and mostly I lose my interest after such singer replacements.

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They made their major debut with the single, "Hitohira no Hanabira", back in Source: natalie. The members plan to continue pursuing their music whg. They played a wide selection of songs from both albums and their latest single, as well as a cover of Green Day 's " American Idiot ". Registering is free, easy, and private.

The biggest surprise of the concert was YUI coming to sing "I do it". Stereopony attended as special guests for Anime Festival Asia: Indonesia They were sitting on the second floor, according to VGD's Twitter.

RS could also be right that the seeds of discontent were already brewing in the band and Evanpony was the straw that broke the camel's back. Jona makes a good point also that Twitter isn't the only way to communicate, so they do probably text or call each other to see how they're doing. Should we still do it?

He wanted to help them, but he wasn't sure on Aimi because she couldn't come and obviously couldn't make her voice heard. On July 16,Aimi officially started an Ameblo blog.

Stereopony to disband

The three members will individually still continue with music. Stereopony played many of their concert staples like their anime songs, Hoshikuzu Kandelaar, Hanbunko, Sweet Blue Days, and so on.

Stereopony is a 3-member band that formed in Okinawa. Streeopony you will never know how others will sound, I do not think they get someone like her again.

The individual members will still continue working in music. The exact date of their disbandment has not been announced at this time.

Reason for stereopony disbanding?

There were many fans crying, and the whole scene was quite bittersweet. In AugustStereopony released their fourth single, "Smilife". It debuted at No. Now factor in something like throat surgery, which will put Aimi out of action for a considerable time, where she won't be able to sing disbanr all and it'll be slow getting it back, and you as a interested producer, only have a sfereopony window of time to work with them before you have to go back to your other clients or something.

Stereopony's seventh single, "Over Drive", was released on May 12,and was used for the opening theme for the Japanese drama Pro Golfer Hana.

This went on for over 20 minutes until the concert hall staff made everyone leave. Discuss in stwreopony forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more.

But I'm just playing devil's advocate here. The members of the band will hold a concert on October 6 at Tokyo's Sterropony Club Quattro and interact with their fans about their breakup. Omocha no Kuni de Daikessen da Koron!

That, I'm not sure how well Shiho took taking one dtereopony the band when she's said that she's not interested in doing lead vocals at all and then suddenly being asked to because Aimi's voice is still coming back. Mami, Rina, and Tomo all tweeted about the stereipony afterwards. Stereopony's sixth single, "Hanbunko", was released on September 17, ; "Hanbunko" is a cover originally released by Bivattchee in Yui's musical producer, Hisashi Kondo, produced and directed the single.

Under that name, the girls won the grand prize at the Young People Music Festival. It is such a pity they disbanded, because I had the feeling I finally found a solid rock band that sounded convincing During that time, drummer Shiho and bassist Nohana went abroad to study music.

Shiho and Nohana are releasing a new single on October 24 with musician Evan Taubenfeld under the name "Evanpony. When the girls got together again, they talked about their future plans and ultimately decided to disband. Over The Border was released on June 9,and ranked No.

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