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Wv pets

Wv pets

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Our process is straightforward and, by completing a few short steps, your dog will be seen by the millions of pet adopters who search Adopt-a-Pet. Think you might want to keep your dog, but need some help? Check out our resource guide for tips, tricks, and pete. How Rehoming Your Dog Works 1.


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Support Adoption and Rescue. Once complete your pet will have a new loving forever home. The fees shall be paid by the county commission from the dog and kennel fund. Dogs, other animals and reptiles protected by law; unlawful killing thereof; aggrieved owner's remedy; penalties; penalties for unlawful stealing of companion animals a Any dog which is registered, kept and controlled as provided in this article or any dog, cat or other animal or any reptile which is owned, kept and maintained as a companion animal by any person, irrespective of age, is protected by law; and, except as otherwise authorized by law, any person who shall intentionally, knowingly or recklessly kill, injure, poison or in any other manner, cause the death or injury of any dog, cat, other animal or any reptile is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be ordered to provide public service for not less than thirty nor more than ninety days or fined not less than three hundred dollars nor more than five hundred dollars, or both.

All papers in connection with any claim shall be filed and preserved in the office of the clerk of the county commission. The county court shall provide for the payment of reasonable compensation, not to exceed the fees and costs provided for in this article, to such society for the use of its facilities and services in impounding and disposing of dogs.

Dogs, cats, etc. County court may cooperate in control and eradication of communicable diseases The county court of any county is hereby authorized to cooperate with the commissioner of agriculture and the United States department of agriculture in the control and eradication of bovine tuberculosis, or any other communicable disease of livestock, and in ppets modified accredited free areas, and all expenses incurred by such county through this cooperative agreement shall be paid out of the county treasury as other claims against the county.

Areas WV Pet, Inc. The registration of a kennel, as herein provided, shall entitle the registrant to register and receive certificates and tags for not more than five dogs without the payment of a separate head tax on such dogs.

Dog running at large; liability of owner Any owner or keeper of any dog who permits such dog to run at large shall be liable for any petss inflicted upon the person or property of another by such dog while so running at large. Assessment of dogs peys personal property In addition to the head tax on dogs provided for in this article, the owner of any dog above the age of lets months shall be permitted to place a value on such dog and have such dog assessed as personal property in the same manner and at the same rate as other personal property.

No dog sold as provided in this section may be discharged from the county or municipal shelter until the dog has been registered and provided with a valid registration tag. We pull dogs from high kill shelters in WV and PA, and we also help place owner surrenders to try and keep them from entering kill shelters.

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When the head tax, and extra charges, if any, are paid, the officer to whom wvv is wc shall issue a certificate of registration and a registration tag for such dog. Powers of federal inspectors The inspectors of the bureau of animal industry of the United States shall have the right to inspect, quarantine and condemn animals infected with any communicable disease, or suspected to be so infected, or that have been exposed to wb such disease, wf for these purposes are hereby authorized and empowered to enter upon any ground or premises.

Such quarantine shall include such premises, locality or territorial district, and such animals, and shall continue for such time, as may be deemed w by the petss. Such application shall state the location of the kennel, the name and address of the person actually in charge of and supervising it, and the name and address of the owner of the kennel. It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly allow a dog owned by him to be upon the grounds vw the capitol buildings or governor's mansion unless such dog is under control by leash.

In the event that the owner, keeper or person having in his or her possession or allowing to remain on any premises under his or her control any dog above the age of six months, shall refuse or fail to pay such tax, when the same is assessed or within fifteen days thereafter, to the assessor or deputy assessor, then such assessor or deputy assessor shall certify such tax to the county dog warden; if there be no county dog warden he or she shall certify such tax to the county sheriff, who shall take charge of the dog for which the tax is delinquent and impound the same for a period of fifteen days, for which service he or she shall be allowed a fee of one dollar and fifty cents to be charged against such delinquent taxpayer in addition to the taxes herein provided for.

In addition to the compensation provided for above, a bounty of fifty cents per dog shall be paid to the county dog warden or deputy who captures an unregistered dog. It shall be unlawful, during the continuance of such quarantine, after notice as aforesaid, for the owner of any dog to permit such dog to run at large in any such quarantined locality, or for any person to remove, or permit to be removed, any dog from such quarantined area. In no case can any action or prosecution relating to a dog under the provisions of this section be maintained if the dog concerned has not been duly registered pursuant to the provisions wg this article or owned and kept pursuant to the provisions of this section or owned and kept pefs to the provisions of this section at the time the cause of action shall have arisen.

Any person violating the provisions of this subsection, for second or subsequent offense, is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be confined in jail for a period of not less than ninety days nor more than six months, or shall be ordered to provide public service for not more than one pers, and fined not less than one thousand dollars.

A recovery under this section shall bar and petz the owner of the sheep, lambs, goats, kids, calves, cattle, swine, show or breeding rabbits, horses, colts or poultry from obtaining compensation from the county commission under the provisions of this article. Any person who knowingly allows a dog or other animal owned by him or under his control to defecate upon the grounds of the capitol buildings or governor's mansion and who subsequently fails to remove said defecation, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not less than twenty-five nor more than one hundred dollars.

Wildlife Resources. Adopt a dog or adopt a cat and you'll have a friend for life.

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The penalty for any violation of this section is a fine of fifty dollars or confinement in the county or regional jail for a period of no less than two nor more than three days. Reports of sales of and tests with diagnostic materials Every sale in this State of a biological product intended for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes with animals, and each injection or test made therewith, shall be reported in writing to the commissioner within one week after such sale or test.

Consulting veterinarians to assist commissioner The commissioner shall have authority to appoint, subject to dismissal by him at any time, such consulting veterinarians as may be necessary from time to time to assist him in discharging the duties imposed upon him by this article. Article Department of Administration. What is the difference between adopting a dog, adopting a cat, adopting a kitten or adopting a puppy versus getting dogs for sale, cats for sale, puppies for sale or kittens for sale from a dog breeder or a cat breeder?

If such expense shall not be paid within ten days after the lifting of the quarantine, the commissioner may sell or cause to be sold any such animal, at public sale, after ten days' notice thereof, and shall apply the proceeds of such sale, first to the payment of the costs and expenses aforesaid, and the residue to the owner.

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Any petd or other person who shall knowingly fail to report such a case or who shall attempt to conceal the existence of such disease shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars. In case the tax and impounding charge herein provided for shall not have been paid within the period of fifteen days, then the sheriff may sell the impounded dog and deduct the impounding charge and the delinquent tax from the amount received therefor, petz return the balance, if any, to the delinquent taxpayer.

July 1, It shall be unlawful at any time to kill or molest in any manner, any animals, birds or fowls on the grounds of the capitol buildings or governor's mansion, except as may be deemed necessary by the secretary for the control or extermination of animals, birds or ptes deemed by him to be pests or a danger to the health and safety.

Article 9.

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When compensation is so obtained from the county commission, the county commission is authorized to sue under this section and recover as the owner of the sheep, lambs, goats, kids, calves, cattle, swine, show or breeding rabbits, horses, colts or poultry. Any person convicted of a violation of this section shall be ordered to make restitution to the law-enforcement agency, the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety or to the State Fire Marshal or other fire prevention or investigation department or agency owning the animal for any veterinary bills, and replacement costs of any disabled or killed animal.

Such certificate shall be made in triplicate, the original to be retained by the owner or person in charge of such animal, and by him attached to the bill of lading accompanying shipment of the animal, the duplicate to be forwarded to the commissioner, and the triplicate to be retained by the veterinarian making the inspection. The appraisers shall be appointed upon the request of a person suffering damages on of such destruction, loss or injury.

Report of communicable diseases by veterinarians and owners; failure to report Every veterinarian engaged in the practice of his profession in this State, immediately upon receiving information thereof, shall report to the commissioner each case of any communicable disease, or of any animal reacting to a tuberculosis or mallein test; and every person who has upon his premises or in his possession any domestic animal which is, or which he has good reason to suspect to be, infected with any communicable disease, shall immediately report the same to the commissioner.

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Our process petd straightforward and, by completing a few short pefs, your dog will be seen by the millions of pet adopters who search Adopt-a-Pet. Dogs and Cats. Inspectors of animals The commissioner may appoint, at different points in the State, inspectors to examine and inspect any of the animals enumerated in this article which are to be moved to states where the sanitary laws require such examination and inspection, with authority to issue certificates of inspection in the name of the state department of agriculture in such form as the commissioner may prescribe.

The de of such tags shall be changed from year to year so that identification of the year of issue of any tag may be made without close visual examination. Keeping vicious dogs; humane officers may kill such dogs Except as provided in section twenty-one of this article, no person shall own, keep wf harbor ptes dog known by him to be vicious, dangerous, or in the habit of biting or attacking other persons, whether or not such dog wears a tag or muzzle.

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